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They might already be the grippyest in the world, but we weren’t satisfied with that just yet! So for this new batch our mission was to increase the comfort of the wrist support, improve convenience and add even more value to your grip experience.

OG Style? Thinner wrist support and minimalist hand coverage designed to line up with the hand

Upgrades for 4.0

  • Softer neoprene pad with the excess reduced down to a more minimalist form to reduce issues with rub marks and increase comfort during movements like muscle ups.

  • Reduced bulk on the wrist strap and hole punch/clip design means you can pull the strap straight through faster and easier than ever before, and secure the strap tighter without excessive wrist pressure.

  • Sides of the grips now clearly marked and space to write nicknames to differentiate from your mates (and your 50 other members at the gym)

  • Free limited edition sweatbands to go with your free carry bag and towel.

  • The return of the all black grips, with new limited edition colours to come!

What makes these grips the best?

  • A GRIP THAT ACTUALLY GRIPS Our specialised hypalon material provides 10/10 level grip to ensure you stay secure on the bar for all your gymnastics movements.

  • COMPLETELY CHALK FREE! Find the slipperyest bars in your gym and watch these work their magic!

  • 3 LAYER TECHNOLOGY including hypalon infused with kevlar and backed with microfibre to ensure maximum durability and hand protection

  • GRIP SWAG Multiple options for your ideal grip style including finger holes and fingerless. Choice of HD design with wider wrist support and wider grip coverage or OG design with thinner wrist support and more minimalist grip coverage. And of course multiple colour options for any style you want to rock.

  • AWESOME VALUE With every grip purchase you’ll get free sweatbands, a grip bag, mini towel (to wipe bars down with) and an elite grip guide to be ready to get the most out of your purchase.

  • FREE SHIPPING Customers in Australia and New Zealand recieve free shipping over $100

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