Base Grips 2.0- OG


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The original grip that launched the Frog, but upgraded and ready for the future!

The Base Grip has forever been the all rounder to the Frog Athletes arsenal, but we knew we could make it even more durable and effective in chalky environments. So we’ve moved on from the old carbon fibre and developed the Block Fibre! Chock full of upgraded features including:

– Extra grip and chalk retention to reduce your need to keep returning to the dreaded chalk bucket

– Softer more pliable material (and yet highly durable) for better feel on the bars, creating more connection for hand to bar and much comfier around the finger holes.

– Reduced bulk around the wrist with a softer more comfortable neoprene wrist band

– Still with all the options including HD/OG wrist band styles, Finger Holes & Fingerless for different grip styles and Green/Pink to suit your swag.

– OG fingerless now with wider coverage, OG Fingerholes with the more narrow, hand conforming cut

The Base are a great all rounder to your hand protection arsenal, keep your hands fresh and your grip strong for your next session and get #betterwithfrog


Q1. What’s the difference between HD and OG?

HD has a wider wrist support and wider hand coverage. Our OG design has a thinner wrist support and more minimalist hand coverage, designed to fit the human hand.

Q2. Should I chalk these?

Yes, you may find they grip fine on already chalked bars but will usually perform even better with chalk. We love how well these hold chalk for longevity of grip and was one of the reasons we chose this material for 2.0

Q3. What pull up bars do these do best with?

All bar types

Q4. Should I go a size up for fingerless?

Usually one size above the chart fit will be plenty, however excess sizing will come down to preference. Remember you do not need the grip length to cover or exceed the fingers. Around half way to 3/4 up the middle fingers is PLENTY.

Q5. Should I go fingerless or fingerholes?

One way you can decide is how you grab the pull up bar. Thumbs around? Fingerhole may be better, Thumbs over? Fingerless may be better. But it does come down to personal preference. Fingerholes also offer other options such as to be used on KB’s or on a barbell as needed. It’s also worth noting you do not need to put your fingers all the way in for fingerholes, and just half way down to the middle knuckles will often give you more of a dowel effect to lock onto the bar with. Again test and trial and see what works best for you, it all comes down to personal preference.

Q6. What’s the best way to break them in?

For those who prefer a firmer feel on the bar, they’re ready to go. If you want maximum softness quickly, simply roll them up towards the wrist strap and wrap a lacky band around them for 10:00. You can continue to do this in between uses until they soften to your desired amount, but usually once will be enough.


*please note sizing chart is the same for both Finger Holes and Fingerless

*For 2XL go up to 14cm in length, you may want to go one size up for fingerless if you prefer slightly more overhang to lock in against.


WARNING.  Hand Grips come with risk.  Any activity involving speed, motion or height creates the possibility of serious injury or even death.  This equipment should be used for its intended use only.  Before using, know your limitations and the limitations of this specific gear.  Always inspect for damage and test stability before each use and inspect to make sure all parts are secure before each use including the pull up bar or rings being used.  If unsure of the proper use of this equipment seek supervision by a trained specialist.